The ‘Excellence Express’ Hospitality Training Goes for Round Two

2012 – Media Notification

Earlier this year, discoverLynchburg took their annual Hospitality and Customer Service training to a new level by introducing the ‘Excellence Express”. This interactive, ‘moving’ classroom takes participants on a mini-tour of the city for a first-hand experience of sites and venues in Lynchburg, all while learning the necessary ins and outs of quality customer service. Due to the success of this event and the value it adds to Lynchburg businesses, discoverLynchburg will hold its second training session of the year.

The benefits that come as a result of hospitality trainings are endless. Approximately 1.2 million people visit Lynchburg each year and front line hospitality workers have to be prepared to give an excellent first impression. When it comes to travel, the best experience wins and discoverLynchburg is making sure that visitors to the area have the best experience possible so they will stay longer, come back often and tell their friends to do the same.

discoverLynchburg offers this training as a service to those working directly with visitor’s to the city. Those who completely the training will receive a certificate of completion, making them a ‘Certified Lynchburg Expert’. Donna Tyson, nationally known motivational speaker and trainer, will present ‘Raising the Bar of Excellence’ during the mini-tour of the city.  

Media is invited to attend.

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