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tour packages

A visit to Lynchburg and Central Virginia would not be complete without touring many of our 70 attractions and sites within an hour drive. Here you will find five of our most popular tour packages. All of our itineraries are easily a day long adventure with suggestions to expand your touring if time allows.

Professional tour guide service is available. Knowledgeable step-on guides will describe the area’s architecture, scenery and culture. The Lynchburg Convention and Visitors Bureau is ready to assist you in finding the service you need. Telephone 434-845-5966 or email krista.boothby@lynchburgva.gov.

Click here for details of the Harvest Tour

Click here for details of the Historic Homes Tour

Click here for details of the War & Peace Tour

Click here for details of the Black Heritage Tour

Click here for details of the Civil War Tour

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